TSI Math Study Guide

Use our TSI study guide to get ready for the test. Make sure you're fully prepared by clicking the button below!

How should you study for the TSI Math Test?

Getting a good score on the TSI math exam is a critical first step in your college education, and our TSI study guide will make sure that you're off to a great start. With content that covers all of the concepts you will find in the exam, our program allows you to shore up your knowledge in any area that needs attention.

Unlike the tedious, text-based study guides offered by other sites, we provide multimedia whiteboard instruction and guided practice throughout. When it comes to effectiveness and engagement level, the difference is night and day.

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I passed my TSI and couldn’t have done it without this site! Thank y’all so much! Everything was very helpful since I haven’t been in high school since 2013 so most of it was like learning it for the first time and was so easy to understand! Thank y’all!
Courtney Wheelhouse
Courtney Wheelhouse
21:28 28 May 21

What's the best way to use your TSI study guide?

Each of our lessons begins with the link to a pre-test that allows you to determine if you need that particular lesson. If you score well, you can skip the lesson. If you score poorly, then go into the lesson and master the concept using all of the tutoring we provide. By taking advantage of our pre-tests, you can move the program as efficiently as possible.

On the other end of the spectrum, if you're still having difficulty with a lesson - even after the help from our teachers - we provide background lessons that allow you to strengthen your understanding of the basic concepts behind the lesson you're studying. These can be a life-saver for anyone with a particularly weak background in math.

What is the TSI math test?

The TSI math test is an exam used in Texas to determine your abilities (and therefore what class level you will be placed into) when entering college or community college.

If you get a low score on the test, you'll be placed in a remedial math class, which will be a drain on both your finances and your time that could easily have been avoided.

The content on the TSI math test includes algebra, geometry, and various other math topics that are all quite difficult for most students. That's why we're here - to help you understand these challenging concepts and make sure you can escape remedial math.

How can I best prepare for the TSI?

Although the TSI covers several subject areas, math is the one that holds students back. Our TSI study guide will help you focus on this critical area and ace the math placement test when the time comes. You won't need any other resources, which makes your preparation very straightforward and takes the stress away.

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