TSI Math – Practice for the Test

Are you taking the TSI math test soon? Use our TSI math practice test to assess your knowledge. Click the button below to start!

Our TSI math practice test will help you get a better result on the real test when you’re ready to take it. We’ll help you identify your strengths in math, and also highlight the areas you may struggle in. Once you know what you need to focus on, you can then take advantage of our interactive lessons with a teacher to gain the knowledge that you need to pass the TSI test. Finally, since our practice test is different every time, you can take it again and again until you have everything down. You’ll be exercising your brain and developing the math ability you never realized you had.

“I’ve been out of school for a few years and am going back to college next semester. I have to take the TSI math test. Upon reviewing the practice material, I realized I had forgotten just about EVERYTHING. This program goes through everything step by step, allows you to quiz yourself, shows work for problems you don’t understand, and see teachers work out problems on a white board. The teachers are great, and one of the teachers gives you this adorable smile at the end of all of her videos…melt. I feel much more confident and prepared for my TSI test now! Plus it’s kinda fun.”

When should I take your TSI Math Practice Test?

As soon as you find out that you need to take the TSI Math test, you should start practicing for it right away. There may be certain concepts you’ve never quite understood, or possibly even basic things that you don’t comprehend fully. Instead of waiting to discover the gaps in your math knowledge until it’s too late, you can start solidifying your knowledge now.

Find out where you need help by taking our TSI math practice test.

What is the TSI Math Test?

The TSI (Texas Success Initiative) math test is the Texas math placement test used by colleges and community colleges to determine what level of math students should be placed into. A higher score indicates a better understanding of math concepts, allowing students to be placed into credit-level courses.

Starting your college career in the more advanced math classes helps to save time and money – you won’t be slowed down in remedial math that can take several semesters and cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

The TSI math test includes a range of questions on a variety of concepts, including the following:

Data analysis: probability, statistics, and data sets

Geometry: shapes, area, and symmetry

Algebra: basic understanding and algebraic equations

Why do I need to take the TSI Math Test?

If you’re going back to school in Texas, you’ll need to take the TSI math test so the college will know your abilities and place you into the appropriate math course. You may have been out of school for a long time, or maybe you didn’t do so well in math when you were in high school. The college needs to know where you are in terms of your math background – and taking a TSI math practice test will help you put your best foot forward.

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I passed my TSI and couldn’t have done it without this site! Thank y’all so much! Everything was very helpful since I haven’t been in high school since 2013 so most of it was like learning it for the first time and was so easy to understand! Thank y’all!
Courtney Wheelhouse
Courtney Wheelhouse
21:28 28 May 21

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