PRAXIS Geometry Study Guide (5163)

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How do I study for the PRAXIS Geometry ?

The five steps in the following list offer an efficient way to study for the PRAXIS Geometry 5163 exam.

  1. Only review the concepts required to pass the exam. Choose a PRAXIS Geometry study guide that covers precisely what you’ll encounter on test day to ensure that you’re optimizing your time.
  2. Concentrate on the skills you need to strengthen. An online PRAXIS Geometry study program that offers diagnostic quizzes can help identify your strong and weak areas, allowing you to skip the concepts you know well and work harder on those that require improvement.
  3. Use a learning method that includes instruction, practice, and testing. Start with short videos, followed by guided practice problems with step-by-step solutions. Before moving on to the next lesson, complete the learning experience with a quick test to measure your understanding.
  4. Build a solid base of math skills so that you’ll have confidence in your abilities when test day arrives. A PRAXIS Geometry study guide that provides convenient access to remedial lessons will close knowledge gaps and solidify your foundation.
  5. Retain what you’re learning. Review the concepts regularly and take a practice test to determine whether you’re ready to pass the exam.

What should I study for the PRAXIS Geometry test?

A good PRAXIS Geometry study guide for the math section of the test will ensure that your foundational skills are solid. Your review of the math on the PRAXIS Geometry 5163 should include the following: performing operations with whole numbers, fractions, and decimals; reasoning algebraically; memorizing the characteristics of basic geometric shapes; understanding measurement; representing and analyzing data and statistics. Any worthwhile PRAXIS Geometry test study guide will incorporate the means for strengthening these essential skills.

How long should you study for the PRAXIS Geometry ?

The length of time you should study for the PRAXIS Geometry test depends on your ability and background. Most students need to spend about 1 to 3 months studying regularly for 1 or 2 hours each day. Remember, there’s no substitute for putting in the time to prepare. It’s absolutely critical if you want a good score.

What is a good score for the PRAXIS Geometry ?

What constitutes a good score for the PRAXIS Geometry test depends on the policies of the school or program to which you’re are applying. Your individual situation and math knowledge level are also factors. No matter the circumstances surrounding the exam, you should always strive for the best possible score by using a PRAXIS Geometry study guide.

What is the best study guide for the PRAXIS Geometry?

The best PRAXIS Geometry study guide is the one that keeps you fully motivated. Look for an option that’s more inspiring than a boring PRAXIS Geometry study book or a tiresome set of practice problems. A system with the features described below will give you the inspiration you need.

  1. Video lessons provide the feeling of working with your own teacher.
  2. Audio explanations of practice problems keep you from getting stuck.
  3. Background tutorials strengthen your confidence.
  4. Optional pre-tests direct your learning toward concepts you need to master.
  5. Chapter reviews keep your skills sharp.
  6. Progress reports offer encouragement throughout your PRAXIS Geometry study guide.
Pre-tests before every lesson
Every lesson features a quick diagnostic pre-test so you don’t have to waste time on material you already know!
PRAXIS Geometry lessons with a teacher
Our PRAXIS Geometry lessons cover all the math on the test. Every lesson includes videos, guided practice, self-tests, and more.
Background lessons
If you are struggling on a particular topic, we offer relevant background lessons to rebuild your math foundation!
Grade reporting and progress tracking
We offer detailed grade reporting and progress tracking to keep on task while completing your PRAXIS Geometry prep course!
Based on 171 reviews
I improved my PRAXIS score from 130 to 166! I loved the layout of the course. If I missed it I then clicked on "work" and did it until I got it right.
Dusty Jones
Dusty Jones
15:59 16 Nov 21
The PRAXIS Algebra 1 went well. I liked the practice exam and the depth of each lesson including the videos.
Darrell Weeks
Darrell Weeks
18:13 19 Aug 21
This helped me pass my PRAXIS 7813 exam! I loved how brief the videos were, but how much information they had. The practice questions after each section was a huge help! I appreciate math help so much!
Caitlin Griffin
Caitlin Griffin
17:55 21 Jul 21
I PASSED!!!! I did not think I was ever going to pass the math praxis (7813). After many hours of working out each problem and going through each math content, I finally got it. All I can say that I was extremely thankful that something like this was available for people who struggle with math concepts. Everything that I needed to pass was covered in the program. THANK YOU, THANK YOU.!!!
Ms. Thomas
Ms. Thomas
03:27 10 Jul 21
I scored a 199 on the Praxis! The teaching elements of the course were so helpful. The progression of learning built upon itself and everything was explained very clearly. I really appreciated how each practice problem had the option to see the problem worked out. This was helpful to see where mistakes were made. It was also helpful that each content area had an assessment score so I could see areas where I needed to go back and review. Overall, your course was very thorough and helpful. I can't really think of any areas of improvement.
Aaron J. Mullins
Aaron J. Mullins
19:07 04 May 21
SUPER Helpful! After using this for a few months, I finally passed the Praxis Core Math. My score improved by 24 points using this program. Thank you! This program saved me. I really liked that it broke content down into sections with even smaller sections. This made it easier to accomplish because it eliminated (for me) being overwhelmed with content. Also, by breaking it into sections, it was easier to see the areas I needed to spend more time on. It was rewarding getting a correct answer due to the green mark and pleasant ding that occurred when selecting the correct answer. It was great!
Rachel Myers
Rachel Myers
13:25 04 Jan 21
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