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Most sites offer math sample questions for PERT prep that are similar to the ones you’ll find on the Florida Department of Education’s website. What these types of resources lack is the math instruction behind the questions, which is exactly what’s needed to effectively prepare.
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I was attempting to place into calculus I and I did achieve that. I scored an 85 on the ALEKS. I was a very poor student in high school just so you understand the full picture. I'm trying to catch up on things I should have had a basic foundation in back then. So it was really nice to have a refresher course on all the rules and properties of math and algebra leading up to the calculus portions. Overall, I think the material was very well put together on your site. Clear and concise.
Jason Smith
Jason Smith
13:21 02 Apr 22
The first time time I took the PERT I got a 103, and the bare minimum requirement was 114. The second round I used MathHelp to study, and scored 130 out of 150! The instruction videos, and practice tests helped me a lot. Everything about MathHelp is absolutely wonderful!
02:49 05 Feb 22

How do I prepare for the PERT test?

1. Go slowly but surely

Start each concept with whiteboard videos. Then move to guided practice with complete audio explanations. Finally, test your knowledge – but only when you have it completely down. This “I do, we do, you do” approach is essential for anyone wondering how to pass the PERT placement test with a weak background in math.

2. Concentrate your efforts

The best PERT math test prep must be incredibly efficient as well. You want to be ready for the test, but you also want to get it over with as soon as possible! So, first and foremost, use instruction that’s direct and to the point. Don’t waste time with long-winded explanations. Secondly, your PERT test prep should only include the topics that are covered on the test - nothing more and nothing less. And last but not least, start every lesson with a diagnostic pre-test to see if you already know the concept. If you do, then skip the lesson. This allows you to move through the topics as quickly as possible.

3. Build your core

While it’s great if you’re able to breeze through a PERT test prep course, many students need to take their time, and even go back to the basics if necessary. For these students, it’s vital to have convenient access to background lessons to build a strong foundation. This feature is particularly helpful for adults who are returning to school after a long absence and who may have forgotten the Algebra and Geometry they learned many years ago. Older students like these often have no idea how to pass the PERT math test, and the review provided by the background lessons is a true lifeline.

How is MathHelp different from other programs?

Our PERT math help is much more engaging than the old-fashioned standardized test prep you probably had to endure in the past. Not only do we use interactive multimedia to grab your attention and provide ongoing support, but we also have a dynamic grade report that tracks your progress and keeps you on task.

Also, we provide a complete PERT math practice test, which you can take as many times as necessary because the questions will be different each time. This depth of content is also a clear separator from other online resources. In summary, think of our course as a PERT study guide that has everything you could possibly need to ace the test, including the teacher!

What is the PERT exam?

The PERT, or Postsecondary Education Readiness Test, is a computer adaptive test used by the state of Florida to determine how prepared a student is for college level courses. All Florida high schools use the test, and many of the state’s colleges and universities do as well.

How hard is the PERT test?

The PERT test can be hard, so it’s important to prepare. Although it’s not a pass/fail test, students who do well can skip remedial courses and save money and time, so the stakes are high. Scores range from 50 to 150, and math is generally considered to be the hardest section of the test. It takes a score of 114 to place out of remedial math, while it requires a 103 in writing and a 106 in reading to place out of remedial courses in those areas.

Is the PERT easier than the SAT?

The PERT is easier than the SAT, at least on the math side. In fact, there have been complaints by Florida educators the that test doesn’t cover the state’s standards rigorously enough. However, that doesn’t mean that the PERT math is easy, and it’s critical to prepare for this section of the test just as thoroughly as you would prepare for the SAT math.

What score do you need to pass the PERT test?

If you’re trying to figure out how to pass the PERT test, it’s important to understand that the test is not pass/fail. However, you do receive a score, which ranges from 50 to 150, and that score determines if you place into college level courses. For example, a score of 114 or more will qualify you for college level math, and a combination of 106 or more in Reading and 103 or more in Writing will place you into freshman English.

What happens if I fail the PERT test?

You can’t fail the PERT, but there are serious repercussions to doing poorly on the test. A low score will put you into remedial courses, which is not a place you want to be. These courses don’t even give you credit toward your degree, so you can end up wasting lots of time and money at the very start of your college career. Therefore, while you can’t “fail” the PERT, you should be very concerned about what happens if you get a low score.

Is the PERT math test hard?

The PERT math test is hard simply because many students struggle with math. While the math on the PERT is not as hard as it is on the ACT or SAT, for example, it’s challenging enough to send most students down to remedial classes unless they take the time to prepare. Scores range from 50 to 150, and a 114 or more is required to place out of remedial math.

What type of math is on the PERT test?

The math on the PERT test is primarily Algebra and Geometry. The following topics are emphasized: Evaluating Expressions, Solving Equations and Inequalities, Coordinate Planes, Systems of Equations, Polynomials, Factoring, and Quadratics.

How many questions are on the math PERT?

The math section of the PERT has 30 questions, which is the same number of questions as the Reading and Writing sections of the test. The PERT test math section isn’t timed, but it shouldn’t take more than about 30 minutes to complete. You won’t be allowed to bring a calculator to the test, but you will have access to a calculator app for some of the math questions.

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