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  • 1 Adding and Subtracting Integers
  • 2 Multiplying and Dividing Integers
  • 3 Order of Operations
  • 4 Evaluation
  • 5 Absolute Value
  • 6 Distributive Property and Combining Like Terms


  • 7 Two-Step Equations
  • 8 Equations with Fractions
  • 9 Equations with Variable on Both Sides
  • 10 Equations with Variable on Both Sides and Distributive
  • 11 Literal Equations
  • 12 Advanced Literal Equations

Word problems

  • 13 Number Word Problems
  • 14 Geometry Word Problems
  • 15 Mixture Word Problems
  • 16 Motion Word Problems
  • 17 Advanced Motion Word Problems

Inequalities, absolute value, functions, graphing

  • 18 Solving and Graphing Inequalities
  • 19 Combined Inequalities
  • 20 Advanced Inequalities
  • 21 Absolute Value Equations
  • 22 Absolute Value Inequalities
  • 23 The Coordinate System
  • 24 Domain and Range
  • 25 Definition of a Function
  • 26 Function and Arrow Notation
  • 27 Graphing Lines
  • 28 The Intercept Method

Linear equations

  • 29 Slope of a Line
  • 30 Using Slope to Graph a Line
  • 31 Slope Formula
  • 32 Using Slope Formula to Find Missing Coordinates
  • 33 Slope-Intercept Form
  • 34 Converting to Slope-Intercept Form and Graphing
  • 35 Writing Equations of Lines in Standard Form
  • 36 Writing Equations of Lines Using the Point-Slope Formula
  • 37 Writing Equations of Lines Given Two Points
  • 38 Writing Equations of Parallel and Perpendicular Lines

Systems of equations

  • 39 Solving Systems by Graphing
  • 40 Solving Systems by Addition
  • 41 Solving Systems by Substitution
  • 42 Systems of Equations with Fractions and Method of Choice
  • 43 Number and Value Word Problems
  • 44 Wind and Current Word Problems

Exponents & polynomials

  • 45 The Product Rule
  • 46 The Power Rule
  • 47 The Quotient Rule
  • 48 Numerical Bases and Exponents of Zero
  • 49 Combining Exponent Rules
  • 50 F.O.I.L.
  • 51 Advanced Multiplying Polynomials


  • 52 Greatest Common Factor
  • 53 Factoring out the Greatest Common Factor
  • 54 Factoring Trinomials with Positive Constants
  • 55 Factoring Trinomials with Negative Constants
  • 56 Difference of Two Squares
  • 57 Factoring Trinomials with Lead Coefficients and Positive Constants
  • 58 Factoring Trinomials with Lead Coefficients and Negative Constants
  • 59 Factoring by Grouping
  • 60 Advanced Factoring by Grouping
  • 61 Factoring Completely
  • 62 Advanced Factoring Completely
  • 63 Beginning Polynomial Equations
  • 64 Intermediate Polynomial Equations
  • 65 Advanced Polynomial Equations

Rational expressions & equations

  • 66 Simplifying Rational Expressions
  • 67 Multiplying and Dividing Rational Expressions
  • 68 Adding Rational Expressions
  • 69 Subtracting Rational Expressions
  • 70 Complex Fractions
  • 71 Rational Equations
  • 72 Advanced Rational Equations


  • 73 Simplifying Radicals
  • 74 Multiplying Radicals
  • 75 Dividing Radicals
  • 76 Adding Radicals and FOILing with Radicals
  • 77 Dividing Radicals Using Conjugates
  • 78 Radical Equations
  • 79 Advanced Radical Equations


  • 80 Taking the Square Root of Both Sides
  • 81 Completing The Square
  • 82 Advanced Completing The Square
  • 83 Quadratic Formula
  • 84 Advanced Quadratic Formula
  • 85 Solving Quadratic Equations Using Method of Choice

Imaginary & complex numbers

  • 86 Imaginary Numbers
  • 87 Advanced Imaginary Numbers
  • 88 Complex Numbers
  • 89 Advanced Complex Numbers

Quadratic equations & functions

  • 90 Understanding y - k = a(x - h)2 Form
  • 91 Graphing Quadratic Equations in y - k = a(x - h)2 Form
  • 92 Writing Quadratic Equations in y - k = a(x - h)2 Form
  • 93 Graphing Quadratic Functions
  • 94 Sum and Product of Roots Formula
  • 95 Writing Quadratic Functions

Coordinate geometry

  • 96 Distance Formula
  • 97 Midpoint Formula
  • 98 Equation of a Circle

Negative & rational exponents

  • 99 Negative Exponents
  • 100 Numerical Bases with Negative Exponents
  • 101 Multiplying and Dividing with Negative Exponents
  • 102 Multiplying and Dividing with Scientific Notation
  • 103 Rational Exponents
  • 104 Numerical Bases with Rational Exponents
  • 105 Writing Radicals in Exponential Form
  • 106 Solving Equations with Rational Exponents
  • 107 Radical Exponents

Composite & inverse functions

  • 108 Composite Functions: f(g(x)) and g(f(x))
  • 109 Inverse Relations
  • 110 Inverse Functions


  • 111 Evaluating Logarithms and Logarithmic vs. Exponential Form
  • 112 Solving Logarithmic Equations
  • 113 Logarithm Rules and Properties
  • 114 Evaluating Logarithms by Condensing or Expanding
  • 115 Solving Advanced Logarithmic Equations
  • 116 Logarithm Calculator Problems
  • 117 Exponential Equations and Change of Base Formula
  • 118 Exponential Growth and Decay
  • 119 Half Life and Doubling Time Formulas
  • 120 Natural Logarithms
  • 121 Solving Natural Logarithm Equations with ln and e

Advanced concepts

  • 122 Systems of Inequalities
  • 123 Systems of Three Equations
  • 124 Sum and Difference of Two Cubes
  • 125 Quadratic Word Problems
  • 126 Polynomial Inequalities
  • 127 Work Word Problems
  • 128 Adding and Subtracting Polynomials
  • 129 Polynomial Long Division
  • 130 Synthetic Division

What are the topics in Algebra 2?

Algebra 2 typically covers the topics below.

  • Simplifying, Equations, and Inequalities
  • Word Problems
  • Linear Equations and Functions
  • Systems of Equations
  • Exponents and Polynomials
  • Factoring and Rational Expressions
  • Radicals
  • Quadratic Functions
  • Imaginary Numbers
  • Polynomial Division
  • Negative and Rational Exponents
  • Composite and Inverse Functions
  • Logarithms
Based on 186 reviews
I was attempting to place into calculus I and I did achieve that. I scored an 85 on the ALEKS. I was a very poor student in high school just so you understand the full picture. I'm trying to catch up on things I should have had a basic foundation in back then. So it was really nice to have a refresher course on all the rules and properties of math and algebra leading up to the calculus portions. Overall, I think the material was very well put together on your site. Clear and concise.
Jason Smith
Jason Smith
13:21 02 Apr 22
went from a scoring a 12 to a 68 on the ALEKS test placing me in Pre Calculus at my college. The course was very effective. The reviews at the end of each subject were great
roland maddox
roland maddox
21:59 26 Jul 21
This website was a great help to me as I needed immediate preparation for the ALEKS. From the registration, to the content, to the explanations given on problems, all of it was a stellar experience. The ones who put this together knew their material and worked successfully to come up with a great product (not the result of multiplication type product, see now I'm even making math jokes haha) that I used daily. I hope others find it as helpful as I did and God bless the ones who put this program together.
Light's Brand
Light's Brand
11:27 24 Jul 21
Your lessons were phenomenal, and I would be remiss if I didn't give proper feedback.Let me just start by saying I have been putting off (and dreading) taking the ALEKS Math Assessment for about 2 years now. Math hasn't always been my favorite subject, but as I'm getting closer to completing my degree, I could no longer avoid it. I knew that there was a possibility that I would have to take additional courses before I was permitted to take the courses I need for my degree, and that would have pushed my graduation time back, depending on how I performed in those classes, first. With that being said, I found the Mathhelp site, saw that there were great reviews, and decided to give it a try.Going through the lessons, some concepts that I didn't understand in high school, somehow made plenty of sense this time around. I found that your lessons specifically, were the ones I was able to most understand. I think it's your teaching style. You explained things in a "relaxed and casual" way, which made the lessons seem more personable and one on one. The other 2 instructors were great too. 🙂 I had a high hope that these lessons, by some miracle, could possibly help me to test out of any prerequisite classes I would need. Although ALEKS gives you 3 attempts to take the test, I didn't want to have to retake it if I didn't have to.Anyway, I finally took the plunge (ALEKS Assessment attempt #1) and tested out of the prerequisite courses!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm not exaggerating when I tell you I was close to crying when I saw my results.The lessons were everything I could hope for and more. Thank you so much!
15:53 23 Jun 21
I took the ALEKS test prep and it went really well because of the help from this program. I got into the class I needed to place into. I think the most helpful thing that was provided was while taking the tests at the end of every question I could see how the math was supposed to look if I got it wrong. It was really helpful for me to go back through that math that I blocked out in high school.
Crystal Marquez
Crystal Marquez
20:05 26 May 21
I first want to thank you for the MathHelp lessons. They are well done, in a logical order, and I appreciate that they are short, explain the concept with an example (or more), and that there are practice problems in addition to quizzes and tests -- all with the work written out and explained so I could figure out where and why I went wrong in a problem -- and affirm what I did right. It was the best review of math concepts I found while looking for assistance to prep for the ALEKS math placement test at the local community college in which I enrolled. I am 25 years out of grad school (in a social science field), and as I am jumping back into school to pursue nursing -- a heavier math and science field -- I needed to review the concepts that I was able to test out of a few decades ago.I also liked that I could watch the video at double time speed if it was something I just wanted to quickly review :) The examples with word/story problems also helped immensely! I was faced with a couple of them when I took the ALEKS test, and since I had practiced them (their format), they came a lot easier to me. And finally, the fact that there are links to related topics within each lesson made a difference. I checked out a few of the links to related lessons along the way just to make sure I was understanding things as fully as I felt I was, and those lessons reinforced what I knew and gave me confidence to progress to the next section.As for ALEKS, I scored more than what I needed to place into the math class required to complete my prerequisite for the nursing program. I would highly recommend MathHelp!
Stephanie F.
Stephanie F.
14:49 19 May 21
The ALEKS lessons were indeed very helpful. Your explanations were clear and well laid-out. I’ve been away from math for nearly 30 years now, and I frankly struggled back then when I was learning. Today, I scored an 84 on my ALEKS placement test, which qualifies me for honors math placement within my school. I’d say you guys are doing something right!If I were highlighting a part that was particularly helpful, I’d pick the logarithms. That’s an area that always flummoxed me, but your explanation has turned that weakness into a strength. Simply brilliant.
John Rodriguez
John Rodriguez
16:28 09 Mar 21
My test went amazingly! I felt very prepared in taking the ALEKS placement test. I liked the practice problems and tests and I felt I had a good understanding of the concepts presented to me.
Taylor Beeson
Taylor Beeson
14:54 22 Feb 21

What makes MathHelp different from other Algebra 2 websites?

Algebra 2 from MathHelp is different in the following ways.

  1. Depth of Instruction. Developed by a teacher from one of the top private schools in the country, the goal from the beginning was to create a world-class Algebra 2 curriculum “in a bottle.” Every example problem and every practice problem includes a complete video or audio explanation, creating the feel of having a personal math teacher guiding you through the course. If you’re a parent who doesn’t have the time, energy, or expertise to provide the Algebra 2 homework help your child needs, you can delegate the task to our expert instructors. Our focus on in-depth instruction is also ideal for homeschool parents looking to offer their child the equivalent of a $30,000-a-year private school math education for a tiny fraction of the cost.

  2. Richness of Features. Our program is packed with everything you need in a stand-alone Algebra 2 course. In addition to the one-on-one instruction, the course features a comprehensive grade report that automatically records student scores; background lessons to build the student’s foundation in math; diagnostic quizzes before each lesson; cumulative review; and printable extra problems, notes, and chapter tests.

What is the difference between Algebra 1 and Algebra 2?

Algebra 1 has a strong focus on equations, inequalities, graphing lines, factoring, and radicals. Algebra 2 reviews all the topics in Algebra 1, but it takes each concept to a deeper level. It also introduces new topics that aren’t covered in Algebra 1, such as imaginary numbers, polynomial division, and logarithms.

What grade do you learn Algebra 2?

Students normally learn Algebra 2 in 9th, 10th, or 11th grade. The grade level for the course depends on whether the student takes Geometry first. It also depends on the student’s ability in math. Generally speaking, Algebra 2 is a 10th or 11th grade course because students usually take Geometry first.

Is Algebra 2 or Geometry harder?

Whether Algebra 2 or Geometry is the harder class depends entirely on the student. For example, Geometry and its shapes might be easier for you than Algebra 2 and its equations. On other hand, you might find that working with figures is harder than working with variables, making Geometry the more difficult class.

Are Algebra 2 and Pre-Calculus the same thing?

Algebra 2 is the course that comes before Pre-Calculus, so the two courses are not the same thing. Pre-Calculus is a more advanced course that focuses on Trigonometry.

Can I learn Algebra 2 in a month?

Algebra 2 is not a course that you can learn in a month. It usually takes 9 months to go through the course, although the range is anywhere from 6 to 12 months, depending on your math background and abilities. No matter how long it takes, you’ll need plenty of Algebra 2 help along the way, so it’s important to give yourself ample time to go through the course.

How do I pass Algebra 2?

If you’re wondering how to pass Algebra 2, there’s no substitute for individualized instruction. Fortunately, there are now a variety of ways to get one-on-one tutoring.

  1. Hire a private Algebra 2 tutor if you can afford it.
  2. Schedule an online “live” tutor (i.e. Skype and virtual whiteboard), which is cheaper than a private tutor but still costly.
  3. Sign up for “Asynchronous” tutoring (i.e. pre-recorded video and audio instruction), which is both inexpensive and effective. Make sure your Algebra 2 lessons include plenty of practice as well.

How do I find a good math tutor?

Let’s say you’re looking for a good Algebra 2 tutor. The best way to start is with an online search. The math tutor you find might not be a traditional one, but that could be a good thing. For example, if you find Algebra 2 tutoring that has been pre-recorded and embedded in an online course, it could save you lots of time and expense.

What is Algebra 2?

You can think of Algebra 2 as an extension of all of the Algebra you’ve learned so far. In other words, familiar concepts are taken to the next level, and new concepts build on your Algebra foundation.

What do I need to know for Algebra 2?

The first semester of Algebra 2 is essentially Algebra 1 with more difficult problems, so the most important thing to know is Algebra 1. The second semester introduces new concepts such as imaginary numbers and logarithms, so any exposure to these topics before taking Algebra 2 can also be helpful.

Is Algebra 2 the same as College Algebra?

College Algebra is slightly more advanced than Algebra 2, but they are more or less the same course. In fact, if you took a rigorous Algebra 2 course in high school, all of the topics in College Algebra might be review for you.

Can you take Algebra 2 online?

The best way to learn Algebra 2 online is with a program that offers video and audio instruction. You’re going to need lots of Algebra 2 help in order to take the course online, and written explanations of problems aren’t enough, so make sure your online course goes far beyond a “pdf” version of a textbook.

Why should I take Algebra 2?

All students should take Algebra 2 because it prepares them for College Algebra, which is a required course for most college degrees. Students who have taken Algebra 2 are much less likely to struggle with College Algebra, and they might even be able to place out of the course.

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