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What type of math is on the ACCUPLACER?

The ACCUPLACER test covers the type of math you would see in Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra 2. For example, key concepts range from Integers and Fractions all the way to Logarithms and Exponential Functions.
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In school I had big problems with math and always considered myself like a liberal arts person. But with this course I prepared for the Accuplacer to be able to take classes I need in college without mandatory remedial classes and I even fell in love with math. And now I understand it very well, thanks to you, and I find it charming to solve different type of equations. Even though English is not my first language I was able to understand everything. So after preparation from scratch I passed this test very easily to the level I needed. So thank you, guys! You’ve made a great product!
Valerie Hirst
Valerie Hirst
14:53 16 May 22
The Accuplacer Elementary Algebra exam went really well. I was able to place into my appropriate college algebra class, and I surprised myself with my score even. I had not been in school for years and the courses on MathHelp made jumping back in so much easier. There were so many helpful elements of the course. The instructional videos and the practice exam were instrumental in helping me.
Rachel Barba
Rachel Barba
15:36 30 Sep 21
I hadn't practiced math in 7 years, but going through the course helped me place high on my Accuplacer QAS test! I'll be attending University this fall and couldn't have done it without
Hal Ribbeck, III
Hal Ribbeck, III
13:55 08 Aug 21
Your Accuplacer program is great and was such a huge help. I hadn't taken a math class in 30 years and I scored a 267 on the AAF. I liked how each lesson was demonstrated during discussion prior to the exercises. It felt much more like an actual live class, and made things much clearer than other self-paced courses out there. Thanks for making this available!
Raul Garcia
Raul Garcia
19:04 25 May 21
My daughter used to prepare for the Accuplacer math placement test at her university. The school required a score of 279 on the Quantitative Reasoning test to move on to the Accuplacer AAF. The first time, she took it cold and scored a 270, so she was not able to move on to the AAF test. Then she studied on your site and got a 299 on the QR and a 292 on the AAF test, so she is good to go!Your website is very well planned to maximize results while minimizing time investment. The method that worked best for my daughter was to take the practice quiz for each section and then read explanations or watch videos of the problems she missed. That way she wasn't spending time watching videos on topics she already knew/remembered well. I then had her take the full practice tests once she had gone through all of the videos she needed to. Sometimes she didn't even need to view the videos -- your explanations of answers were sufficient in most cases to tell her what she needed to know, but the videos were very helpful when she needed a bit more explanation/step-by-step instruction. Up until this year, she has always done well in math, but a crummy teacher combined with covid virtual school made this year a very tough year for her, and she has lost a lot of confidence as a result. I hope that seeing how well she can do with a bit of good teaching/support has shown her that she can be successful again in this college calculus course.Overall, I was very impressed with how well your website prepared her for the tests, as evidenced by her scores. I will also use your site as she prepares to take the PSAT next year.
Brigid Gonzalez
Brigid Gonzalez
15:56 24 May 21
This program was so helpful. I haven't taken a math course in 20 years and needed to refresh before taking the Accuplacer and going back to school. The test went great, I got a 292/300. It was so great to have access to mathhelp to refresh my long dormant math skills. I found the lessons clear and easy to understand. I loved the feature of being able to skip lessons I already knew. The little diagnostic quizzes were great to let me know which lessons I needed to take and which I could skip. Thank you for your work, I found the website to be such a helpful tool! I would recommend to anyone!
Anita Eckard
Anita Eckard
14:32 10 Apr 21
I placed into all my classes that I needed to! The Accuplacer course was awesome. A total refresh. I will also be using Mathhelp when I get into my math classes in the fall.
Sarah Duncan
Sarah Duncan
16:33 24 Feb 21

Is the ACCUPLACER math test hard?

The ACCUPLACER math test is quite hard because it’s a computer-adaptive test. In other words, as you get questions right, the difficulty of subsequent questions increases. Therefore, even a highly prepared test-taker will find it challenging. On a positive note, the harder the exam gets, the higher your possible final score.

What is a passing ACCUPLACER score for math?

Technically, there is no “passing” math score on the ACCUPLACER. Your score will simply determine which math course you’re placed into at your college or university. The Next-Generation ACCUPLACER exam scores for Math and Reading start at 200 points and go up to 300 points. Anything above 270 points is generally regarded as a good score, while a score below 220 is considered poor.

What is the highest score on the math ACCUPLACER?

300 is the highest score you can get on the math portion of the ACCUPLACER exam. You don’t have to make a perfect score of 300, however, to place out of remedial math. For the exact score you’ll need to place out of each level of remedial math, check with your college or university.

What is on the ACCUPLACER math test?

The math on the ACCUPLACER depends on which version of the test you’re taking. For example, the Next-Gen Arithmetic test covers whole numbers, fractions, decimals, and percents; the Next-Gen QAS test covers exponents, expressions, equations, basic geometry, and statistics; and the Next-Gen AAF test covers functions, factoring, rational expressions, radicals, quadratics, logarithms, and advanced geometry.

How do I prepare for the ACCUPLACER math test?

  • Go at Your Own Pace

    ACCUPLACER math prep is much more productive if you go at your own pace. You should gradually become acquainted with each math topic, starting with clear and concise whiteboard videos. You’ll then want to develop each concept further by using step-by-step practice problems with thorough explanations to help bolster your understanding. A short quiz is a great way to round out the process, allowing you to confirm your newfound knowledge. Not only does this approach greatly reduce the stress of ACCUPLACER prep, but it also offers an engaging balance of the different ways that students like to learn by using video, audio, and interactive elements.

  • Maximize Your Study Time

    Choose an ACCUPLACER math test prep program that maximizes your available study time. First, you should only be asked to learn the material that’s needed to pass the exam. Second, make sure you can customize your course to eliminate the lessons you already understand. Pre-tests are a great way to verify whether or not you know the concept and can skip ahead. The combination of highly targeted lessons that are customizable to your needs results in an incredibly efficient and productive approach to ACCUPLACER test prep.

  • Build Your Foundation

    To make sure you pass the test, your ACCUPLACER math prep should feature background modules embedded into each lesson. If you find you’re having a difficult time understanding something, you can use these refreshers to review the basics and learn the foundational material upon which the concepts are built. No matter how much you’re struggling, it’s critical to take the time to understand each lesson before moving on. Whether you’re looking for a lot of help or just a little, your course must have the flexibility to fit your needs.

Does it make a difference which ACCUPLACER prep I choose?

Yes, it makes a huge difference. The best ACCUPLACER math test prep solutions will keep you fully involved and motivated as you work through the course. For example, an interactive multimedia approach to the tutoring and practice is far more entertaining than a thick book or a bland website of monotonous questions and text-based explanations. Detailed progress reports also encourage you to stay focused by monitoring your grades and providing charts that show your strengths and weaknesses.

Cumulative review is another essential element of the best programs. To make sure you’re absorbing the concepts, you’ll want chapter reviews and a “final exam” in the form of an ACCUPLACER math practice test that you can take multiple times with a fresh set of questions each time.

In summary, don’t settle for any old online curriculum. Choose an ACCUPLACER math study guide that leverages the power of technology to offer all the benefits of an expensive private tutor or classroom course in a far more affordable and efficient package. It will make all the difference in the world, allowing you to bypass remedial math and jump-start your college career!

Is the ACCUPLACER harder than the SAT?

Since the SAT is timed, you may find the SAT harder. On the other hand, since the ACCUPLACER is adaptive, you may find the SAT easier.

What kind of questions are on the ACCUPLACER math test?

All ACCUPLACER math tests use multiple-choice questions. The questions are also adaptive, meaning that if you answer correctly, the next question will be harder, and if you answer incorrectly, the next one will be easier.

How do I pass the ACCUPLACER math test?

The following tips will help you pass the ACCUPLACER math test.

  1. Know which test you’re taking. First determine the exact name of the ACCUPLACER test you’re taking. There are 3 different “Classic” exams, and 3 different “Next Generation” exams, so it’s easy to prepare for the wrong test by accident.
  2. Use proven study materials. There are a number of companies that produce quality study materials. Be sure you read reviews. Also, try to find materials that match your learning style.
  3. Make a schedule. Don’t just assume that you’ll find the study time you need. Make certain to build set times into your schedule each week for ACCUPLACER prep.
  4. Get support. Having a study partner can help keep you focused. It’s also helpful to use an ACCUPLACER test prep program that has built-in support through video and audio instruction.
  5. Answer every question on the test. When taking the exam, there’s no penalty for wrong answers, so you should never leave a question blank. If you’re not sure of the answer, just make your best guess.

Why is the ACCUPLACER test important?

If you’re preparing to enter college, passing the ACCUPLACER math test is your ticket to avoiding remedial math and saving yourself significant time and money. Additionally, studies show that students forced to take remedial math are much less likely to complete their degrees, which means fewer opportunities and lower salaries down the road. The stakes are high, so if you’re wondering how to pass the ACCUPLACER math test, don’t take any chances. A comprehensive test prep course will make the difference!

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